Custom Love Song Packages

ORIGINAL SONG: Basic Package
  • ORIGINAL SONG: Basic Package


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We write the music, you sing it! This package includes original lyrics and music. You'll receive 2 MP3s: a basic demo track so you can hear how the song should be sung, and a piano backing track for you to sing your original song to your loved one.

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ORIGINAL SONG: Platinum Package
  • ORIGINAL SONG: Platinum Package


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MP3 + VIDEO! You will receive an MP3 of your original song as well as a photo collage video that has your original song playing during a professionally edited video. You may submit up to 50 photos for the video.

MP3 of original song with custom lyrics performed by vocalist(s) and full band. Professionally mastered for a radio-ready mix.

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Why should you get a Custom Love Song?


Celebrate your unique love story with a completely original love song MADE JUST FOR YOU! 

At Milestone Music, we make Music for Moments that Matter, and there are very few moments that matter more than your wedding!

Wedding music and love songs are essential to setting the mood for your special day, and a love song that tells your very own love story will make your wedding day even more memorable!  A custom love song also makes an amazing keepsake; something you can listen to over the years and remember your special day!

Think of your first date, your first kiss, that moment you knew you were in love.  How about the road that led you to each other?  Were you high school sweethearts?  Did you meet on a blind date?  Who fell in love first?  What are your (shareable) nicknames for each other? What hobbies do you share?  What are your favorite memories together?  What makes you YOU?  Imagine a love song that puts all these remarkable moments together...the result is a love song as unique as your love!

Share your story with us here at Milestone Music (questionnaire below) and we'll put it to music in a way you've never heard before!  

Over 15 years of songwriting experience means your song will be perfectly crafted to tell your story in a unique, memorable, & meaningful way.  A love song telling your very own love story.  Sounds lovely, right?!




A Custom Love Song also makes a FANTASTIC anniversary gift for your spouse, your parents, grandparents, and close friends.  Whether it's a first anniversary, fiftieth anniversary, or any anniversary for that matter, a love song celebrating your lives together will be a gift that ACTUALLY keeps on giving!  Show your loved ones how special they truly are by giving them an anniversary song made just for them!



What better way to honor your beautiful daughter than with a song that's ALL ABOUT HER?! 

Fill out the questionnaire below and we'll create a song that will celebrate the amazing young woman she is!  



Family Theme Songs are completely original and one-of-a-kind...just like your family!  A custom song for your family is an excellent way to build confidence in children as it celebrates who they are and what they do best.  Your original Family Theme Song also serves as a sort of time capsule, capturing your family at its current stage of life, and then taking you back to that stage of life every time you listen to the song!  Family Theme Songs are GREAT additions to family reunions and turn out to be excellent gifts for grandparents who "have everything".  A Family Theme Song inspires unity and adds a dose of fun to your home every time you play it!  You can make it even more personalized and special by adding a photo montage of candid family photos to go along with your custom song!  Check out "Catchin' a Glimpse of Heaven" below for an example of a Family Theme Song with a photo montage.

Prices start at just $200!

Contact Jennie at for more details.  

Photo Montages with Custom Songs

Custom Song Questionnaire